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Hotel Grossfeld was founded in Bad Bentheim in 1885 and is now in its 4th generation, welcoming guests primarily from the Netherlands and the Ruhr region. Since the introduction of HubSpot in autumn 2023, the hotel has undergone a remarkable transformation in its marketing approach. The structured and analytical approach has made marketing more efficient and successful than ever before. The introduction of HubSpot as a central marketing platform laid the first stone for building a stable marketing process.

Why use HubSpot as a hotel?

Whether a boutique hotel, family hotel, or hotel chain - at the end of the day, they are always businesses. Like any business, hotels need to advertise and, ideally, bring it together in one place where results can be measured and conclusions drawn. Since the introduction of HubSpot at Hotel Grossfeld, all marketing activities can be organized in one ecosystem:

  • Email marketing

  • landing pages

  • forms

  • Workflows (e.g. for booking confirmations)

  • Maintenance of the customer database

  • Performance marketing

  • Analyses & reports

Since working with 48 concepts, our marketing has been on an unprecedentedly successful course and this is also reflected in our booking figures. Johannes Grossfeld Owner & Hotel Director

Johannes Grossfeld


Success through structure: Hotel Grossfeld's marketing transformation with HubSpot as the central marketing platform

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