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Lasting success in staff hiring through social recruiting

UKB Energie, an innovative photovoltaic company, has used social recruiting to revolutionise its hiring strategy. Thanks to the introduction of a structured applicant funnel and the creation of appealing social media content, UKB Energie has since received a continuous stream of qualified applications for open positions. These measures have had a lasting impact on UKB Energie's recruitment strategy.

Applications received in just 60 seconds through the applicant funnel

A key part of this success is the applicant funnel, which enables candidates to apply in just 60 seconds. This funnel is specially optimized for mobile use and ensures a smooth and quick application experience thanks to fast loading times and a user-friendly interface. Applicants go through interactive steps where they answer simple questions and leave their contact details at the end. A CV or cover letter is not required, which significantly lowers the inhibition threshold for applying.

This state-of-the-art approach to social recruiting has enabled UKB Energie to significantly increase the number and quality of incoming applications and make the entire recruitment process more efficient.

Since we started using 48 concetps social recruiting, we have finally started receiving interesting applications again - and quite a lot of them. Nina Polfuß Human Resources Management UKB Energie

Nina Polfuß


UKB Energie uses social recruiting to attract new talent to the photovoltaic industry

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